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Bringing in external HR Professionals can add real value to both your organisation and HR teams whether that’s on an ongoing basis or to support with a specific project.

At Next Steps, our consultants bring not only crucial extra focus and manpower but a truly independent view to your world. The team have a breadth of HR capability gathered from lengthy commercial careers which means they can provide expertise and best practice across strategic, operational and people HR partnering.

We work with you to truly understand your organisational and people objectives. We invest time understanding whether your people strategies are fully aligned to your organisational strategies and then testing your people understanding of those commercial goals. Our team provide a clear route of how to get you to your end goal and ensure you take your people with you. ​



We provide HR partnering at the level your organisation needs, helping your teams with:



We engage at a strategic level with your leadership team and key stakeholders to provide expertise across key areas such as; organisational transformation, performance, change and alignment programmes.

We'll help your leaders to shape, develop and deliver HR plans and solutions in line with the organisational strategic needs and priorities.


Where operational level support is needed, we work in partnership with your teams to analyse your people operations, processes and technology.

We provide guidance and input on workforce planning, business unit restructures and succession planning, always ensuring that core operational HR processes are applied appropriately.


Our specialist team are highly skilled in helping organisations enhance the employee experience lifecycle. We can improve organisational performance across; attracting and hiring talent, on-boarding and employee engagement initiatives, steering performance and development and off-boarding.

Next Steps have worked very successfully with a number of my staff making the transition into senior roles including Head of School. Next Steps are committed to helping individuals achieve their potential and have the skills and ability to home in on people’s key issues and concerns, to challenge them in a supportive way and to agree an effective way forward. I have been impressed with the tangible and very positive progress that my staff have made after a series of coaching sessions with Next Steps. I would highly recommend their services.”

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