Commercial Director, Digital Sky

"The fact I have worked with Next Steps for over seven years is testament to the massive personal impact they’ve had on me and the commercial value they’ve added. 

As a senior exec working in the financial services, retail and entertainment sectors, I have found the coaches at Next Steps to live and breath some incredibly powerful values. They believe in people, self reflection and in practical/pragmatic solutions which reflect the need to act quickly in customer, tech/data led organisations. 

Next Steps personal, one on one coaching style is innovative and adds real value. It has been central to the development of my leadership skills and capability. My coach made a point of getting to know me personally. They recognise the need to do this in order to understand personal values, business objectives, drivers and conflicts. They create a safe environment in which to challenge and develop your thinking. 

The personal approach means that, as a senior exec, I have a safe environment in which to think and Next Steps has often helped me navigate tricky people or commercial decisions. 

Next Steps has provided me with a ‘tool kit’ of models which are applicable to many commercial opportunities/problems. Most noteably, Next Steps has significantly grown my capability in designing, leading and implementing organisational changes. 

Next Steps will remain a really critical partner in both my personal development and the development of the teams I lead."


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