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Focussing on your Career Next Steps

For many of us we may have been lucky enough to work for organisations who may have defined and enabled us to understand our career next steps, our personal development and what we need in order to be successful. Redundancy is a very daunting and anxious time and it is clearly very challenging for any individual to find themselves in a situation where they may be out of work and critically so during these challenging times.

If your employer offers outplacement support and coaching it is important that you think about the following whilst working with your outplacement provider:

  1. You are at your career crossroads and this could provide you with huge opportunities so don’t panic and jump into the first job that comes along. Think about what you now want your career to be and how you want to progress in the future which may mean a change in direction.

  2. Consider your skills, knowledge, experiences and competencies that you are taking to the current employment market place.

  3. Think about the culture and environment that most suits your working style and values.

  4. Understand your routes to market and be clear about how you will define your offer to a future employer or recruitment agencies.

  5. Develop your CV that matches the roles that you are applying for and ensure that you are able to evidence your achievements within that CV.

  6. Plan and practise for your interview and meetings with recruitment agencies, remember that every meeting is part of the recruitment process.

  7. Remind yourself what is important about your package, pension and benefits that may go with your new role.

  8. Think about your onboarding, what you need in order to be successful and take the opportunity to plan for your first 90 days.

If you would like to understand a little more about outplacement and how it can enable your career transition please do get in touch. Kevin Thomas, CEO, Next Steps Consulting

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