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Launch of new outplacement website

In August, Next Steps Consulting and ResourceBank joined forces to launch a joint venture offering a range of outplacement and rightsizing support programmes. The partnership benefits from the coaching, wellbeing and HR partnering capability of Next Steps and ResourceBank’s 25 years recruitment expertise. Since launch the service has gone from strength to strength and we are now pleased to announce the launch of our online toolkit designed to assist and inspire the people we are helping in their quest to find a new role.

Some of the features include……

  • Interactive exercises and templates to guide individuals through their journey to secure their next role

  • How to build a personal brand and develop your network

  • Preparing for interview

  • How to ensure you look after your wellbeing

Further details of our outplacement offer can be found here and you can contact us on 01952 212429 or by email at

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