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What is Outplacement?

The last 18 months have seen us all get used to working and living in very different ways. It has also been a year of new words entering our vocabulary and becoming common place. Whilst lockdown, social distancing, bubbles and furlough were terms which simply did not form part of our daily conversation pre-COVID, Outplacement did exist but unless you have been at risk of redundancy or are currently facing losing your job it is one you are unlikely to have come across.

Searching for a new job can be one of the most stressful and challenging things that we do. Developments in technology and the digital world means that job seeking is possibly very different from when you last looked for a new role and outplacement services can help with this.

HR professionals and careers coaches will be familiar with and understand what is meant by Outplacement and Careers Transition services – for the rest of us what follows is a step by step guide explaining what Outplacement is and why your employer may engage with an Outplacement provider and offer you support:

What do we mean by Outplacement?

  • Outplacement is about supporting employees to move forward in their job search and career transition

  • Outplacement services can be accessed directly by individuals going to a provider themselves or more typically are part of a redundancy consultation/strategy and offered to affected employees by their employer (with the employer meeting the cost)

  • The level of service and support is usually determined by the needs of the people affected but will also be dependent on the budget available

  • Some providers have an ‘off the shelf’ range of services that can be purchased – others (like Next Steps ResourceBank) have both a range of services or design bespoke and individual services based on the brief they receive from their client

What can be included in Outplacement Support?

Job hunting

  • Understanding the current job market

  • How to navigate the online job boards and develop job search techniques

  • Developing and using your network

  • Getting the most out of recruitment agencies

  • Using social media techniques

How to market yourself

  • CV writing/hints and tips

  • Covering letters and application forms

  • Building and managing your online presence (LinkedIn and social media)


  • Preparing for interview – telephone, virtual and face to face

  • Types of interview questions – competency, behavioural etc

  • Interview do’s and don’ts/hints and tips

  • After the interview – feedback and follow up

One to one career coaching

  • Receive personalised guidance and support

  • Identify sectors and roles where your skills are transferable

  • Identifying your preferred style and way of working

  • Setting realistic career goals

  • Develop action plans

A good Outplacement consultant will understand the needs of the clients they are working with and will be able to flex their support to your personal situation. Sometimes Outplacement is delivered in a workshop format but again a good consultant will be able to engage with those attending to ensure that the content is relevant to their situations.

At Next Steps ResourceBank we pride ourselves on understanding the needs of our clients and delivering a personal service. We have years of experience in coaching, mentoring, wellbeing and recruitment which sets us apart from most providers.

To find out more about the outplacement services we can provide please get in touch on or 01926 268160.

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