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At Next Steps we coach teams and individuals to align objectives, activities, styles, behaviours, relationships and collaborative working.

We do this by quickly building coaching relationships through rapport and by meeting commitments to build trust quickly.  We listen carefully and ask the searching questions to assist individuals and teams to focus on the important issues and to develop clear, meaningful and realistic goals.

These goals whether at an individual, team or corporate level are fully aligned to vision, strategy, values and behaviours of the organisation. We achieve great outcomes as we have a genuine desire to witness success at all levels.

We have adopted a coaching approach modelled on learnings from Ashridge Management College, David Whittaker (England Hockey Coach) and David Brailsford (England Cycle Team Coach) linking this to our own extensive coaching experience gained over 20 years in industry.

Our speciality is coaching that leads to positive change and we deliver coaching across the following areas:

  • Individual coaching

  • Team coaching

  • Function coaching

  • Executive coaching

  • Wellbeing coaching​

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Kevin has listened a great deal and through effective questioning has enabled me to analyse and evaluate my own strengths and areas for development.  As a result, I have been able to explore the vision for my portfolio areas and my strategic responsibility in line with the university’s strategic vision and strategy and my faculty’s objectives.  The impact of this has been significant and I have been able to develop actions that will lead to positive change and enhancement of the areas that I lead."

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