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At Next Steps we have been supporting clients with their people strategy for decades and we’ve always understood the importance of wellbeing within that strategy.

The world of organisational wellbeing is ever changing and poor mental health alone is estimated to cost the UK economy £34.9billion a year (Deloitte 2019) and yet many organisations are still not maximising their role in supporting their employees.

Developing an effective Wellbeing strategy is not only the right thing to do for your people, but there is also a clear link to improving performance and return on investment with a £6 return to employers for every £1 spent on organisation wide culture and awareness raising (Deloitte 2019).

We support organisations to develop and implement holistic, long term, effective and sustainable wellbeing strategies and programmes that truly enhance business performance. We partner with you to fully understand your organisational needs and support you across both the strategic and delivery elements.

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Discover how we can support your organisation with a variety of services relating to employee wellbeing:



To really understand how your organisation is performing in wellbeing, we partner with you to gather existing data as well as direct feedback from your people. Our consultants will recommend what you need to know and best practise on how you should gather that information.

We undertake a detailed analysis of all available data to build a picture of what’s really going on in your business. Our consultants will then deliver a user-friendly report that highlights areas of strength as well as recommendations for improvements.



Our consultants will work with your senior teams to develop holistic and sustainable wellbeing strategies and plans that link in with your people strategy and broader organisational objectives to ensure that wellbeing is embedded in your culture and decision making.

We ensure that wellbeing is aligned to your mission, vision and values and core to all areas of strategy and policy.  Our approach to wellbeing is an organisational approach to culture, leadership, relationships and management with a focus on individual needs.

As part of the strategy, we will also pull together a practical, timed plan to achieve your outcomes.



Individual or group wellbeing coaching can be delivered which enables and supports behaviour change, giving people the tools and time to focus on improving their wellbeing and reaching their own potential.  Wellbeing coaching provides a safe space for individuals to discuss their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, raising self-awareness, setting goals and action plans to focus on personal growth.



Our clients often need support in very specific wellbeing areas so alongside the training and initiatives that we deliver through Next Steps we have also partnered with leading specialist providers to develop a suite of targeted programmes.

These programmes are tailored to your business needs and we can support you with the practical provision of management training, employee workshops, policy development, wellbeing events and days, campaign delivery and content development.

We provide programmes and training across:

• Wellbeing in Senior Leadership
• Wellbeing Champions
• Resilience and Managing Change

• Mental Health Awareness & Training

• Financial Wellbeing

• Nutrition

• Physical Activity

• Physiotherapy

• Counselling Services

It has been a pleasure to work with Gemma over the last few months. She has helped me during what has been an incredibly difficult time and her support has been invaluable.
She helped me to build confidence, find some direction, and discover the things that drive me, looking at what I want to achieve in life. She then assisted me in putting plans in place to make them happen.
Gemma has been inspirational and I cannot thank her enough for her encouragement, help, and support.”

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