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Wellbeing is a concept far broader than moment-to-moment happiness. It encompasses individuals' overall life satisfaction, their sense of purpose, and feelings of control. Mental health is just one aspect of wellbeing, and that alone is estimated to cost the UK economy £34.9 billion annually (Deloitte 2019). These costs can be reduced by proactively investigating your organisation’s wellbeing.


At Next Steps, we've been supporting organisations with their people strategy for decades, recognising the paramount importance of wellbeing. Many organisations are now reaping the benefits of supporting their teams in this area, primarily due to the clear link to improved performance. According to Deloitte, every £1 spent on workplace culture and well-being awareness brings a £6 return. It literally pays to do the right thing!


We collaborate with you to fully understand your needs before assisting in planning and delivering a practical well-being strategy. We're not in the business of offering quick fixes; instead, we provide real-world, sustainable solutions that identify and solve the issues

your people and organisation are facing.

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Discover how we can support your organisation with a variety of services relating to employee wellbeing:



To gain insight into your organisation’s wellbeing, our consultants can guide an investigation, offering best practice advice on collecting such sensitive information. This detailed analysis includes focus groups with your people to provide a comprehensive view of what’s truly happening at the heart of your business. Subsequently, we deliver a user-friendly report highlighting strengths and recommending improvements.



Identifying areas of wellbeing concern enables us to develop a practical, timed plan with your senior teams—one that integrates into your decision-making and culture, facilitating easier implementation. We ensure that the wellbeing plan aligns with your mission, vision,

and core values across all areas of strategy and policy with a focus on individual needs.



Coaching individuals or groups on wellbeing enables and supports behavioural change, providing people with the tools and time to focus on improving their wellbeing. This

coaching creates a safe space for discussing physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, fostering self-awareness, goal setting, and the development of action plans for personal growth.



Our clients sometimes need support in specific areas of wellbeing. Alongside the training we directly deliver, we've also partnered with leading specialist providers to develop a suite of targeted programs. Like all our offerings, these programs are tailored to your business

needs. We can support you with the practical provision of management training, employee workshops, policy development, wellbeing events, and days, campaign delivery, and content development. Additionally, we offer psycho-social risk assessments to aid in forward-thinking preventative approaches.

It has been a pleasure to work with Gemma over the last few months. She has helped me during what has been an incredibly difficult time and her support has been invaluable.
She helped me to build confidence, find some direction, and discover the things that drive me, looking at what I want to achieve in life. She then assisted me in putting plans in place to make them happen.
Gemma has been inspirational and I cannot thank her enough for her encouragement, help, and support.”

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