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In my experience, Kevin has been able to rapidly develop a coaching relationship with me through rapport, demonstrating he meets commitments, which has built strong trust quickly. I have found his approach to assisting me to focus on developing clear, meaningful and realistic goals very helpful. In four sessions I have already achieved two, and am well on the way to completing the third.
Kevin listens carefully and reflects back to his understanding of what I have said. This aids my reflective process and ensures that I am willing to take ownership of my perspective and goals. Kevin is very enthusiastic, warm and shows a genuine desire to witness my development. This is in the context of a supportive coaching relationship which also includes appropriate challenge – which promotes further development.
I have been able to measure progress towards my goals, including achievements as ‘milestones’ along the way towards bigger results. I am certain that my employer will also gain from my personal and professional achievements which Kevin’s coaching style has facilitated.
I would be very happy to recommend Kevin to other organisations and individuals. Those who seek a coach who is knowledgeable about a wide variety of sectors, organisational issues and committed to clients’ development would be well advised to consider Kevin.

Madi Ruby
Associate Dean, Glyndwr University

"The fact I have worked with Next Steps for over seven years is testament to the massive personal impact they’ve had on me and the commercial value they’ve added. 
As a senior exec working in the financial services, retail and entertainment sectors, I have found the coaches at Next Steps to live and breath some incredibly powerful values. They believe in people, self reflection and in practical/pragmatic solutions which reflect the need to act quickly in customer, tech/data led organisations. 
Next Steps personal, one on one coaching style is innovative and adds real value. It has been central to the development of my leadership skills and capability. My coach made a point of getting to know me personally. They recognise the need to do this in order to understand personal values, business objectives, drivers and conflicts. They create a safe environment in which to challenge and develop your thinking. 
The personal approach means that, as a senior exec, I have a safe environment in which to think and Next Steps has often helped me navigate tricky people or commercial decisions. 
Next Steps has provided me with a ‘tool kit’ of models which are applicable to many commercial opportunities/problems. Most noteably, Next Steps has significantly grown my capability in designing, leading and implementing organisational changes. 
Next Steps will remain a really critical partner in both my personal development and the development of the teams I lead."

Jennifer Day
Commercial Director, Digital Sky

"I personally have had a long association with Next Steps, over 15 years. They have coached and supported me in the three businesses I have worked for, in a variety of assignments. Their expertise lies in their ability to fully understand the needs of the client, whether that be at an organisational, team or individual level. This understanding provides the basis for a range of potential solutions they have offered me, the client.
Their solutions are always well thought through, challenging and pragmatic and they can be absolutely relied upon to deliver the solution to an extremely high standard, on many occasions going above and beyond what was expected. I have no hesitation in recommending Next Steps to you."

Karen Halford
People Director, Homeserve

I was introduced to Next Steps through a colleague and had the pleasure of working with Angela Reh for 12 months. Angela brought a wealth of experience from the supply chain and project management sectors.
Her extensive knowledge allowed Angela to prioritise and identify the areas where the largest opportunities and biggest risks were. Angela has exceptional leadership and coaching skills which were evident from the first day she joined us and throughout the programme of work which just highlighted her commitment to the work.
Angela took the time the understand what was important to the business and what we were really trying to achieve. It was a pleasure to work with Angela during the time she was with us and I look forward to another opportunity to work with her and Next Steps in the future.

Bill Richford
Senior Project Manager, Mitchells & Butlers

“Kevin Thomas can turn strategy and brand delivery into action through people. I have worked with Kevin for 12 years during which time he led and aligned large teams to a company’s strategic goals, developed clear operating plans and engaged teams improving their capability and performance. He has extensive business experience which he draws from and connects across an organisation understanding the business issues, prioritising where the biggest opportunities lie and how best to tackle them. He works cross functionally with colleagues to affect positive change developing leaders and their teams to succeed. His style is warm and engaging, he is passionate, energetic and his integrity is beyond reproach. I can recommend Kevin without hesitation.”

Andy Torrance
Chief Operating Officer, Holland and Barrett

“I have worked with Next Steps for nearly ten years across two very different institutions. During that time Next Steps have helped me resolve some extremely difficult issues. The approach is based upon an executive coaching style that requires a deep understanding of the strategic vision of an organisation’s leadership as well as their immediate imperatives, constraints and cultural factors which may inhibit success. Having understood these and worked with the organisation’s senior leaders to question and analyse their own perceptions senior leaders are then helped and developed to drive through and consolidate change. Building strong relationships with clients Next Steps maintains absolute confidentiality. Gaye is the consummate professional whose personal attention to the needs of the clients and securing the best possible outcomes for them means that I recommend her unreservedly, I will return whenever I need advice or assistance to solve an issue that cannot be resolved using internal capacity or resources.”

Professor Scott Davidson
Vice Chancellor, Newman University

“I had the pleasure of working with Kevin for over 10 years. Kevin was always at the forefront of driving the growth agenda heading strategic initiatives and implementing structural and operational change and improvements. Kevin’s style is inquisitive, measured, focussed and people oriented with a strong emphasis on results. He leads, coaches and develops large teams of people to deliver exceptional results."

Lynn Hayzelden
Marketing Director, The Marketing Centre

“Next Steps Consulting makes an impact and delivers tangible results. Asking the right questions, reading what’s going on and surfacing critical points, whether this is individuals, management teams or board members is a particular strength. Coaching with Next Steps means entering a grown up partnership with no spoon feeding . Any attempt to gloss over matters are seen through and total accountability for progress is expected. Support offered to clients is exceptional to check in and make sure you’re ready for the next part of the plan. No matter what the starting point, working with Next Steps is transformational and shifts perspectives, beliefs and business performance.”

Katie Ancliffe
Marketing Director, London Doctors Clinic Ltd

The Next Steps team bring specialist coaching, knowledge, expertise and an external perspective to all aspects of people leadership and development. I have worked with Next Steps for five years and find the insight and support invaluable, both for my teams and my personal development.

Kerrie Holland

Director of Development & Alumni, Aston University (University of the Year 2020)

“I have been working with Next Steps Consulting for the last ten years. I introduced Next Steps to Ann Summers to facilitate some senior manager changes to the organisation and then to coach and mentor several members of the senior leadership team. This included 3 newly appointed members of the Board. Next Steps have been instrumental in creating the excellent high performing leadership team we have today. I can honestly say Next Steps Consulting have never failed to add value to the organisations that I have engaged them to help. I wholeheartedly recommend them.”

John Boyle
Chief Operating Officer, Ann Summers

"Wow! You’ve made complexity manageable – enjoyable even! Analysis is arrived at together through reflection - it’s grounded in my own experience and this really helps build the resilience and authenticity that leaders need."

Alec Shepley
Dean, Glyndwr University

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