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Dry January or just a drier 2020? - the Wellbeing benefits and my 6 top alcohol-free tipples

Lots of us will be doing Dry January this year or just trying to cut down our alcohol consumption generally. Attitudes to alcohol are changing, especially in the younger generations, with just 30% of people aged 16-24 now teetotal. So, what does cutting down do for your wellbeing? There are multiple short-term health benefits including; more energy, better quality of sleep, better concentration and a brighter mood as well as the longer-term benefits of reducing the risk of developing cancer, liver or heart disease and lowering blood pressure.

As Wellbeing lead for Next Steps I’ve been practising what I preach and working through the best non- alcoholic drinks out there and encouraging the team to give them a go - here are a few of my favourites!

1. Seedlip - described as “the worlds first distilled non-alcoholic spirits” Seedlip are certainly leading the way in a more upmarket non alcohol alternative. There are three blends, Spice 94, Garden 108 and Grove 42, all which can be served just with tonic and garnish or mixed to create some fantastic non alcohol cocktails (recipes on their website)

2. Peroni Libera - this is our favourite non alcoholic lager, a new addition to the Peroni family. This lager has a refreshing and crisp taste, a delicate fruity aroma and a clean and smooth finish, brewed with the same exclusive Nostrano Dell’Isola maize as the full strength Peroni Nastro.

3. Old Mount Cider Berries and Cherries - this has a great blend of strawberries, raspberries, with notes of blueberries and burst of apple and I would challenge you to taste the difference between this and many alcoholic fruit ciders. Serve it with lots of ice and a few berries to garnish and in a pint glass.

4. Kombucha - a fermented and slightly effervescent tea drink, is thought to have originated anywhere between 200 and 2,000 years ago and is reputed to have a number of health benefits. Real Kombucha, have a number of products; Dry Dragon, Royal Flush and Smoke House all of which were designed to pair with food and are stocked by many of the best restaurants in the country.

5. The London Essence Tonic Water - with the surge in the gin market, there are now a whole host of interesting tonic waters available. London Essence have a wonderful selection including; grapefruits & rosemary, bitter orange & elderflower and pomello & pink pepper. They work wonderfully well with gin but also make a lovely drink on their own.

6. Monte Rosse - if you are dreaming of sunnier days with an Aperol spritz, Monte Rosse is an excellent non alcoholic aperitif with a crisp and complex bittersweet blend of berries, botanicals, bitters and fruit extract with a zesty finish - delicious!

Gemma Carter-Morris, Director of Wellbeing, Next Steps Consulting

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