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The Benefits of Remote Coaching

The benefits of coaching are well known and it is something that everyone can benefit from both personally and professionally. With a lot of coaching currently having to be delivered remotely, the outcomes are just as achievable remotely as they are faced to face, below are some the positive outcomes for those that engage in coaching remotely:

  • Building the important working relationship between Coach and Coahee and having good conversations is still possible through the use of video technology, with both still able to benefit from the reading of body language and tone of voice.

  • Having a trusted uncomfortable companion to hold you to account to achieve targets and goals and to empower you to take responsibility for your own success.

  • Having an independent confidant who will not judge but will provide constructive challenge enabling every individual to become the best they can be, growing both their confidence and competence.

  • Investing in individuals to support reflection, self-awareness and their long term growth and development.

  • Supporting individuals to build resilience through challenging times.

  • For leaders, having a trusted critical confidant, someone that you can discuss topics with that you wouldn’t with those within your organisation, allowing you to be your best for your teams and organisation.

  • Ultimately all of the above, enabling people to reach their potential resulting in the tangible output of performance improvement which is both observable and measurable.

Rather than eroding these benefits, a remote setting adds further benefits as below:

  • Greater flexibility for both parties re when the sessions can take place without the need for any commuting.

  • It is often easier to find a ‘quiet time & space’ away from the day to day interruptions of physically being in an office to take a face to face call than to physically meet with your coach. Being able to use smart phones amplifies this even more.

  • Remote coaching can offer more privacy and discreetness as well as allowing more anonymity for the coachee. For many people this helps them open-up more easily than in a face-to-face session.

Here at Next Steps Consulting we have continued our current coaching relationships, supporting and challenging leaders to focus on what keeps them awake at night and to then formulate pragmatic approaches to tackle the big issues of the day. Supporting them to engage, energise and focus their teams to face current challenges head on.

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly we have also started to work with many new clients, who have realised that the benefits coaching can bring especially during such strange times far outweigh any initial doubts about its effectiveness when undertaken remotely. We think this may be in part due to the way that we work; we assign our coaches based on organisational and functional needs as well as chemistry and cultural fit giving us the ability to quickly form a strong and productive partnership with the coachee.

Ang Reh, Senior Consultant, Next Steps Consulting

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